The Intense Soundscape of ‘Know Me’ by Miami Upcoming Rapper Lil Kalu is Outstanding

Lil Kalu

Hip-hop is turning out to be the most popular genre among artists these days. However, not every artist has what it takes to attract the audience with your creations. While many treat hip-hop to celebrate life, some use it to talk about money and power but Lil Kalu also known as Jake Penrod uses it, to communicate with the world about his experiences. He has been in the industry for quite some time now and is slowly picking up the pace with his creations. His track ‘Know Me’ can be described as one of his best creation yet. Unlike others being an independent artist he had to put in twice the work to create his place in the music industry.

This upcoming Miami Upcoming rapper Lil Kalu is dominating the stage with his new release ‘Know Me’. Just like the name of the track the artist wants the world to know him and everything that he has been through. Without a doubt the track is personal and the intense delivery of the artist Lil Kalu, makes the track stand apart from the rest of his collection. The artist wanted to change the perspective of the present generation about hip-hop through his creation ‘Know Me’. The soundscape of the track is kept low so that the vocals of the artist can rise.

From the very beginning, the lyrics cut through the ambience of the track. The energy rises as the track progresses making is impossible for the audience to divert their attention. The sentiment of the artist Lil Kalu is well revealed along with his confidence and motivational attitude. The truthfulness and emotion are what captivates the listeners the most. Apart from this, he is also celebrated for tracks like ‘Xan Down by France’, ‘Drink It Up’ and many more. You can connect with Lil Kalu trough his Instagram account.

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