Soundcloud is Flooding with Listeners for the Latest Tracks by the Male Artist Zaimelodica


New, emerging artists have always preferred Soundcloud, the most popular music platform, to display their musical versatilities with their playlists. This time a young singer Zaimelodica has showcased his latest album consisting tracks like, Let It GoandWitheteamProd. by yoshemars etc on this platform and grabbed quite a lot attention of the music freaks. This album underlines Hip-hop, Rap genres. These tracks ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Witheteam’ is voiced by a male vocalist who possesses a unique texture of voice quality which will automatically draw your attention. Then you will be absorbed into its magical appeal. The moderate tempos of these works will fill your heart with complete satisfaction. You will feel as if you haven’t heard of such music pieces once you finish listening to it. These are weaved with plenty of raps which sound quite interesting to the music admirers. The enticing rhythms will surely enchant your soul and you will be mesmerized with its charm.

This album is endowed with the tracks which emit attractive vibes and listeners tend to remain engaged with its timbre for its magnetic tunes. The lyrics seem so realistic that music admirers feel this album a memorable one. The unforgettable loops of these songs have already triumphed over the minds of target audiences on Soundcloud. The immersive tones of these songs will drown you into the depth of its flow. As the songs progress further it will unfold several layers of storytelling which are literally recognizable. You won’t regret if you experience these as this album is a literally commendable job done by this singer.

This creative, funny, peace-loving artist Zaimelodica is an independent artist who produces all of his songs on his own. His song transform may people’s perspectives on life. Many artists have inspired him a lot. You can catch him on his Instagram accounts.


To listen the songs of Zaimelodica visit the given link :



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