Forays by Asians in the New York Entertainment industry

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Mumbai, Sep 4, 2019 ( – Sanjana Iyer was the leading lady in Jason O’brien’sI Cant Breathe” which made it to 3 different film festivals nationwide in 2017/18.

Also as part of the New York Theatre scene, Sanjana’s theatre credits include The Clockwork Boy by Matt Tiem Stra, Julius Ceaser, Scene by Amy Mesche, and many more. Sanjana is currently contracted to work on a feature film by Cris Hozven titled Jon Jacob Schmidt. She has also been offered a significant role in the feature film The Crossroad directed by Shaila Nish to be released in 2020.

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With a strong theatrical background, Sanjana has also made achievements in the film and media field. She is a graduate of Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York that proudly boasts a history of notable alumni such as Marlon Brando, Robert Deniro, Salma Hayek, and Mark Ruffalo. Sanjana attributes her success to her mentors at Stella Adler who have contributed towards her ability to play roles with as much honesty and integrity as possible. ‘My biggest draw to New York City was how prominent the theatre industry was. It was a thriving melting pot of talent from all around the world. And now, more than ever before, there are stories being written about people who look like me, who have had similar experiences and these are the stories I really want to bring to life’, says Sanjana.

When asked to describe her performance style, she termed it as “natural” and “honest to the moment“. She doesn’t like to call herself a performer, but a storyteller. According to her, the biggest difference between entertainment industry in India vs Abroad, is that there aren’t too many – it’s about the story that is being told. What draws her to play a character, she says, are elements of truth and relatability. ‘When I audition for someone, I always pay attention to how I feel around them. I completely trust my intuition before signing a contract to work with anyone. Relationship building is extremely important in this business, which is why it’s equally important to feel safe around your colleagues and have a level of trust‘ says Sanjana.

On her long term goals, Sanjana has a deep vision as she explains, ‘…as an Indian, it is important for me to represent my community in a way that demolishes stereotypes – that serve absolutely no purpose or do any justice to who we actually are. I want to see more artists like myself who want to really integrate different cultures, who encourage fusion, and who have committed themselves to create art that doesn’t exclude.

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