Lebanon DJ Artist Big Drew has Amped Up the Vocal Quotient with his New Tracks


Big Drew

Big Drew is a stupendous singer who has made headway in the genre of dubstep music. He has carved out a niche for himself with a lot of panache and finesse. His scintillating music has earned a lot of rave reviews from the critics. He wants to be known by his professional name and backs it heavily. Although the Lebanon DJ artist does not have a production house, he wants to be known both as a DJ as well as a producer. He wants to give his audience a time full of dance, fun, and frolic. His music is very much inspired by Lil Yurri. More dubstep and beats are about to be unleashed by him as he plans to make more beats. You can keep a track of the singer by visiting his profile on Instagram. To listen to his tracks, you can plug into major trending platforms like Soundcloud and Youtube.


Big Drew has dished out two scintillating tracks in ‘Ride My Wave‘ and ‘Electronic Type Beat‘. The tracks have got an insane release right from the outset. The flow of energy has got high-intensity vibes in the backdrop of heavy electronic. The tracks have got a bounce of pop with flickers of instrumentation. There are also intermittent dashes of reality that finds its place along with an unwavering passion.


In the instrumental ‘Electronic Type Beat’ by Big Drew there is an initial fizz that stays with the track till the end. There is also the downpour of soul and emotions that lend the organic feel to the track. In the song ‘Ride My Wave’ there is an addictive groove that goes with a stunning performance. There is an impressive bounce in the song that is profoundly uplifting. The song has got elements of fusion that has been impressively crafted.

Please visit here to listen the songs of Big Drew : https://soundcloud.com/bigdrew1750


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