Josey Greenwell Has Dished Out Impeccable Pop Vocals in the Mesmerizing and Captivating Song ‘Fire Eyes’

Fire Eyes  Josey Greenwell

Josey Greenwell has proved his immaculate class with the magnificent number ‘Fire Eyes’. He belongs to a different breed of pop musicians with amazing confidence.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Plymouth, Apr 2, 2020 ( – Josey Greenwell is an accomplished pop musician and songwriter who has spent his childhood in Kentucky. He began his musical pursuit by shifting his base to Nashville and dished out the engaging number ‘Fire Eyes’. He almost lost his way as a musician as he was working as honky-tonk and has been creating bits and pieces of music. But later he shifted to Big Apple and became a fitness instructor. Then after almost in a decade, he came up with a full-blown album. He is also the proud owner of a production house called ‘Breakfast In Bed Media’ with avant-garde facilities. You can catch a glimpse of the absorbing posts made by the singer by logging on to his Facebook profile.

In the brilliant pop song Fire Eyes by Josey Greenwell, there is a vibrant and energetic hook which is refreshing. The production is sublime with a fascinating execution and churned out with an unwavering passion. The melody in the song is catchy and bright. You can also take some time out and engage in a riveting gabfest with the singer by logging onto his Twitter profile. He has dished out some of the most memorable pop numbers like ‘Where We going’, ‘Wreck’, ‘Stuck in My Head’ and ‘My Life on the Radio’.

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In the scintillating track by the talented singer, the songwriting is quite engaging with an engrossing vocal style. The song comes like a breath of fresh air that has serenity and an ethereal feel. The song is incredibly crafted with an eclectic appeal. You can keep a track of the latest pictures and videos shared by the singer by logging on to his Instagram handle and get a thorough notion of his latest and future projects that are in the pipelines. His songs are also aired on popular music streaming sites like Spotify.

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