The Group of miLarKey Intensifies the Musical Premise of Indie Punk with ‘I Want More’

I Want More

The four-piece band miLarKey is introducing the audience with hard-hitting Indie Punk with their latest release. ‘I Want More’ is one example of creative outbursts.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- London, Apr 16, 2020 ( – One can easily listen to the passionate vocal at the top of its structural arrangement, before the uplifting and powerful instrumentation kicks in at full pace and hits the scene hard. Multilayered synths have been bound within the vocals, tracking down the melodious notes of Indie Punk, assuring creative soothing. The track ‘I Want More’ sounds like a creative madness presented through the fascinating performances of the South London based Alternative Rock band miLarKey. Each member of the group has contributed to the structural greatness of this track.

The relentless flow of the instrumentation has breathed energy into the entire premise – the sound effects, bassline, crisp rhythms, and strings make the ambiance bright and shining. Consisting of some of the most talented artists of the music industry, such as Christian Gaffney, Andrew Green, Sly Green, and Laurent Grimonpont, the band is now on a roll and this track is the ultimate proof of it. ‘I Want More‘ is the highlight of the band’s music collection, ‘Gave Them an Inch &They Took the Universe!‘.

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The lyricism is also commendable as it never lets the flow go down, making the entire arrangement look complete. The tempo is blissful, driven by the performance of the lead vocalist and well-supported by the instrumentalists. Not only this one but tracks like ‘Virtual B‘, ‘Web Stalker‘, ‘Help Me, Please‘, and ‘Rosie‘ have also gathered positive responses and immense love from the audience. You can listen to these and more from miLarKey, on Spotify. Follow the band on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to know more.

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