The Vibrating Positive Energy Oozes through the Blissful Soundscape of Promising Hip Hop Musician Fortunxte

Hip Hop Singer  Fortunxte

The mindfully strung together soundtracks of budding musician Fortunxte are the mouthpiece of the artist’s ambition to be an inspiration to the generation.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Flint, Apr 17, 2020 ( – For generations, creative individuals have used the platform provided by hip hop and rap music to exercise and address their inner thoughts and morals to the greater audience. One of such talented genius Fortunxte has deployed his poetic mastery into his soundscape with the sole intent to empower the generation with his rare thought-provoking lyricism. His most recent soundtracks ‘For a Reason‘, ‘You know‘, ‘Ride Slow‘ and ‘Good Vibes Only‘ have carefully installed the instrumental bliss of mesmerizing piano giving his captivating vocal excellence a powerful foundation crafting a sonic delight.

Hailing from Flint, Michigan, the gifted musician manages to overcome orthodox boundaries of hip hop with his original approach towards versatile musicality. His therapeutic composition offers picturesque symbolism exploring the inner struggle and self-doubt of the human psyche. Through his metaphoric wordplay, he talks about his journey through hardship in life in his popular track ‘Ride Slow’ gaining emotive responses from his listeners. 

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With the assistance of his label Fulfilled Records, Fortunxte is determined to accomplish his goal of creating a universally accepted soundscape that is motivating and at the same time wonderfully engaging to the audience. His addictive vocal dexterity defines his craftsmanship in his singles ‘For a Reason’, ‘You know’, ‘Ride Slow’, and ‘Good Vibes Only’ from the album INERTIA, joined by groovy retro beats and harmonious melody. Inspired by famous musicians like Jay Z, J Cole, Drake, and Lil Wayne, he hopes to inspire the generation with his positive libretto. Follow this aspiring artist on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more heart-warming soundtracks.

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For a Reason :

Good Vibes Only :

You Know :

Ride Slow :

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