Ajay Rekhi Showcases his Versatility with the Self-Isolation Track ‘Dhuan Dhuan’

Dhuan Dhuan

The thrilling presentation of blissful composing and lyricism has led to the creation of the stunning musical arrangement ‘Dhuan Dhuan’ by the versatile Ajay Rekhi.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Brampton, Apr 18, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Driven with blissful and relatable lyricism and soulful development, the brand new track ‘Dhuan Dhuan’ is subtle yet powerful. The creator is undoubtedly an artist of deep passion and love for music-making, which makes the entire presentation worth listening to. However, the premise is much more serious here; pivoting the isolation period and the distressing situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this track is an emotional and reflective take on people’s suffering. The track starts off with a thoughtful and emoting introductory verse, showcasing the feelings all at once through the intimate presentation, which is more than enough to connect to the audience. Being the composer /songwriter/singer, the gifted Ajay Rekhi has done a tremendous job with this track.

As the track progresses, the balance among the complexities gets finer and introduces moments of hook that resolves the presentation. The backdrop is haunting yet captivating, providing a strange flow to the track, which is oddly satisfying. The soundscape further intensifies these ingredients, driven by the reflective lyricism, which demonstrates the problem perfectly. The light flow of the overall arrangement has made the entire track more enchanting and heart-wrenching. The concept of ‘Dhuan Dhuan – Self Isolation‘ is not unique, but the presentation has made the track feel fresh and enthralling, compared to tracks of similar pattern, which has enhanced the impact of the vocal performance of the artist. The melody is pretty fresh, fused with poetic observations, and the reality of the modern world.

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The visuals of the music video have complimented the underlying concept perfectly. The uncertainty has been well portrayed through this video. The track literally starts off with smokes, reflecting the title perfectly, and then goes on to showcase people suffering due to the lockdown, not being able to wander outside, such as stuck into a plastic cover – almost suffocating. Ajay Rekhi is the true stand out element of the track as he has made sure that all the ingredients are perfectly balanced and portray his intentions with perfection. To listen to more from this talented and versatile artist, visit YouTube and subscribe to his channel. Also, find and follow him on Twitter, to know about his upcoming releases.


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