Earth on the Edge Launches for 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Portland, Apr 25, 2020 ( – Earth on the Edge Launches for 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

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The effects of climate change are all around us and we are running out of time to reverse them. What the actual causes are may still be subject to debate, but the dangerous effects they are having on our planet are already apparent. 2019 has been a year of rare weather extremes becoming the norm. Extreme flooding in the Midwest, polar vortexes, bomb cyclones, and blizzards on the first day of summer are only signs of greater challenges to come. A heatwave in the arctic is also evidence of a growing crisis.

The point of no return is already in sight.  Waiting for the governments of the world to do what needs to be done seems futile. We all need to join forces around the globe; to slow the negative impact climate change is having on Planet Earth.

Just ask Monte Harris a native of Milwaukie, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. He has been an early leader in demanding environmental solutions in the Portland Metro Area, as well as nationally and internationally. He is launching a new website dedicated to the creation of Community Climate Coalitions. Providing hope, inspiration and a list of immediate steps we can take that will show people what they can do in their own communities and backyards. Forming volunteer groups dedicated to slowing the damaging effects of climate change, pollution, habitat loss, and invasive species.

Harris was frustrated with just signing petitions, using broken volunteer interfaces, and merely talking about what needs to happen. In July 2018, he introduced a string of environmental projects while building a website ( suggesting environmental solutions scheduled for launch on April 22, 2020. Harris decided it was time to make up for his own years of environmental in-activism. His vision for is to create a grassroots undertaking, intended to help people clean up their communities and build natural habitats in their own backyards.

Recent statistics prove, for example, that if we don’t find ways to reduce our use of plastic, by 2050 there could be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish. Harris hopes to demonstrate to as many people as possible the ways we can all become better caretakers of Planet Earth. We can all do something right now, he insists. Feeling helpless and not doing our part is not an option.

Harris says he feels a personal responsibility to lead the charge. He intends to lead by example. Focused group efforts and resolute determination in regards to environmental and climate challenges can make a huge difference.

“Imagine if just 10 percent of the population formed and led an intercontinental eco-friendly workforce to solve the issues causing climate change,” says Harris. “800 million people joining together could turn things around.”

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