Benn Phranq Has Dished Out the Music Video with Brilliant Tunes of Hiphop in ‘The Box Challenge’


Benn Phranq has created ripples with the absorbing beats of rap in the music video ‘The Box Challenge’. It is a fascinating display by the Oklahoma hiphop artist.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Ardmore, May 19, 2020 ( – A scintillating performance has been dished out by the stupendous rapper Benn Phranq. He has come up with his latest peach of a music video called the ‘The Box Challenge’. It is a captivating execution by the Oklahoma hiphop artistThe hip hop singer par excellence also owns an avant-garde production house called ‘Nu3vil Sounds’ with up to the minute facilities. The singer has already spent a decade in the musical arena with rocking numbers like ‘Good Good’ adding to the tally of his brilliant numbers. He has never spent money on a promotional spree of his songs. But things have changed with the start of this year. Although he has belted out incredible hip hop numbers, his choice is eclectic making him even more versatile. He dishes out numbers in-country, rap, metal, and classics as to him all the genres are great. He wants to drift to other genres through rap songs. You can check out the splendid posts shared by the singer on his Facebook profile.

In the music video The Box Challenge‘ by the gifted rapper Benn Phranq there is a dash of confidence and swirling beats. The engrossing music video has enthralling cinematography filled with swagger. The hook-line of the track is slick and sassy with a breathtaking and swirling beat. There is a bone-crunching velocity in the backdrop that amplifies the rap quotient and pushes the envelope. The savvy flickers of instrumentations are enrapturing with a flabbergasting appeal. One can plug into the Twitter handle of the singer and start a friendly gabfest in the most impromptu fashion.

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In the music video by the astounding rapper, there is an eclectic aura in the ambiance that is spellbinding. The audiences are transfixed by the whip-smart groove and touch of funk. The thrilling tunes are stunning and delightful. There are oodles of energy with an insane flow that will create the adrenalin rush. The incredible production is exciting and entertaining. The audiences can log on to the Instagram handle of the singer to check out the latest videos and pictures. The fans can log on to popular trending platforms like YouTube to listen to his incredible tracks.

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