New ‘Scorpio Month’ Trailer Released, Now Playing Underground

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Los Angeles, Jun 7, 2020 ( – An expressionist film of Altered states. Follow The Story of Levi Oculus (Tory Andrus), arriving in Los Angeles via New Orleans, LA. Witnessing the separation and integration of black and white culture, he sings a new united song of the Americas. Nymphs & Sirens entice him with Lean and Dance where he bares his souls under the spotlight of their spell. A time traveler (Andrew Tunks, positioned to be the 1st person on Mars) crosses his path and gifts him mescaline to survive his forthcoming realm, where he encounters a demon and devil, Anuunda & Ztroggy. An elder streetwalker, Tarfubile, attempts to control him with Mind tricks about the history of the future, but through generosity and patience, he resists Tarfubile’s evil charms, and befriends a Hunchback Leper who shows him the book of 27 years. With this new knowledge he unearths the golden rule and frees humanity of slavery by pulling on the chains of discrimination beyond, in the mystical springs of Topanga Canyon.

Screening At Underground Theaters Near You
Released: 6/6/20
Run time: 77 min

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Directed by Joseph Garcia Quinn
Produced by Justin Mc Ewen

Production by Gravity Point TV –
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