The Majorz has set the Industry Ablaze with the Track ‘O.P.P.’ in Collaboration with Flock

Music Group  The Majorz

The famous hip hop group The Majorz has thrilled the musical senses of the hardcore fans of the genre with their collaborative project with Flock, titled ‘O.P.P.’.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Asbury Park, Jun 11, 2020 ( – Fusing the hip hop hooks with the ultimate passion for music-making, the renowned hip hop group, The Majorz soothes the musical senses of the audience in traditional ways that can enchant anyone. The intensely satisfying soundscape hangs over the soul of the audience. O.P.P.‘ is the kind of track that has a gentle yet intense flow to it, which can keep anyone hooked. The effortless performance of the artists of the group has showered the track with a blissful aura.

Top Prospekt and Eazy-G have made sure that no element gets undermined, as each ingredient of musicality has been created with the utmost passion, something which has introduced the artists as gems of the music industry. The incredibly talented artist Flock has also helped in magnifying the effect of the overall presentation of this track, which is pretty evident from the thrilling arrangement of ‘O.P.P.’. The introductory moments have brought the best of the utilized ingredients. Created under the production house of Major Gang Music, this track is truly one of the most engaging hip hop releases of this year.

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The performance of the artists demonstrated the underlying concept in just the perfect way, providing an angular trait that has enabled the tempo to change its direction flawlessly, which is skillful and professional. The fascinating work of The Majorz group has ensured that each and every ingredient gets the spotlight so that no fragment of musicality feels incomplete. Fans can listen to the group’s tracks over the platform of Spotify. 

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