The rap band O3 gang has mesmerized the listeners with sassy vocals in the savvy rap number ‘Space Cadet’

Music Artist  O3 Gang

O3 gang is an incredible rap band who has come up with scintillating sounds of rap in the track ‘Space Cadet’. It is a prolific execution by the Florida rapper.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Florida City, Jun 15, 2020 ( – An enthralling performance has been dished out by the teen rap band O3 gang who has etched out a niche for themselves. They have come up with the phenomenal track ‘Space Cadet’ that has created a lot of frenzy among fans. These are fascinating performances by the Florida rapper and a formidable force to reckon withThe young members of the rap band are C Hxncho, Jacques Suave, Kwabzz, and Yung Jimbo. The band members also have an avant-garde production house called ‘O3 Gang’ that has up to the minute facilities to boast off. They create modern sounds that give them an edge over contemporary bands and other popular rappers. Time to time the band has belted out hit numbers like ‘Changing’, ‘Jackpot’, ‘Deceived’, and ‘Dont Leave Me’. To know more about the band members, one can plug into the Instagram handle and glance through their shared videos and pictures. You can also watch out for the music videos dished out by them on major trending platforms like YouTube.  

In the exquisite track Space Cadet‘ that is sung by C Hxncho of O3 gang that also features Jacques Suave, there are some compelling tunes with a smart vocal delivery. There is a heck of a pace in the rap that is radiant and ravishing. The gifted rap members have belted out a riveting hook-line that is full of energy and frolic. There are swirling trap beats that come with a dash of confidence. The track has a relatable clap of the beat with immaculate flickers of instrumentation. There is a confection of modern sounds and pop that makes it even more flabbergasting. 

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The intoxicating track comes with the usual flair of the band members who have got an uncompromising style that is raw and whip-smart and is also entertainingly delightful in its way. The delivery of the hip hop number will knock you off right at the beginning with the ubiquitous insanity. The remarkable song has both vulnerability and authority with which it is sung by the young rappers. There is a dash of control with the way the instrumentation is done. An incredible ambiance is created in the track’s soundscape by the magical execution of the young rappers. 

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