Information security during pandemic: best ways to protect your business and your staff. The Opinion Of Rustam Gilfanov.

Rustam Gilfanov

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- New York City, Jun 25, 2020 ( – What Rustam Gilfanov, an expert in IT business, investor and Maecenas, thinks.

Nowadays, people are dealing with lots of articles considering data protection, which is quite reasonable because hackers and other intruders have been extremely active, especially during the hardest days, such as crises.

Regrettably, only a few organizations could develop a new management structure, which would not require their employees to work from the office. Such a situation ineluctably led to many issues, and the most significant of them included IT problems. Most of the staff were obliterated to cooperate with their colleagues and employers using their personal computers, and it became the reason for not checking deleterious electronic documents and other pernicious materials. Even though people have started to work at their offices again, the problem of data safety is still essential for all sorts of businesses.

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Lots of intruders try to get all the benefits from the fact that only a limited number of users know how to protect their laptops from breaking open. In case the workman’s PC is connected to the network of the company via VPN, this device can be a great option for hackers to creep into the organization’s data. Everyone can notice that the number of such attacks has increased considerably. That’s why it’s essential to manage and coordinate information.

However, Rustam Gilfanov has 5 tips that are aimed to help businesses prevent hackers’ attacks and protect their data. All of them are below.

1. Increase staff computer literacy proficiency

To achieve this, the best thing you can do is to request your employees to watch online tutorials or providing regular newsletters to them. Tell them the most significant principles of data safety, talk with your staff about such issues using straightforward examples, for instance, explain why they should ignore or immediately delete suspicious emails. Nonetheless, the first person to learn everything is you!

2. Arrange a phishing course

Combine some theoretical rules with practical tasks. Pay attention if your staff follows the principles and what mistakes they are still making. It’s impossible to disagree with the fact that it’s match better to catch someone hacked during a test attack than during a real one. In this case, you can practice more and continue working.

3. Look at the tools you exploit for data safety

Such tools consist of data security and access control programs developed for remote control, SIEM system needed to respond to suspicious activities, NTA program, which monitors the network of your business and decreases deleterious bandwidth, and DLP to protect the data from leaking.

4. Avoid skimping on data safety

In case you don’t want hackers to steal your private information, try to do your best to prevent such situations. An only mistake made by one of the employees may be worth too much money. That’s why you should think about everything.

5. Continue testing

Finally, you should never forget about pen-testing. Pen-test known as Penetration Test is the way to evaluate the safety of the programs, computer systems, and networks needed to avoid deleterious activities. Such a method is mostly exploited by IT corporations, and it will help you determine the weakest points in the network infrastructure of your business.

Brief information about Mr. R. Gilfanov:

Rustam Gilfanov is one of the owners of an international IT-corporation, IT-entrepreneur, and investor.

  • Was brought up in Basim of Perm district by a teacher and a military man.
  • In 2006, he became a co-owner of a multinational outsourcing IT organization based in Kiev, which gained weight in marketing, financial industry, and gaming software quickly.

Recently Mr. Gilfanov has started to invest in auspicious IT-schemes, including video streaming, gaming, and financial services. Rustam Gilfanov is highly engaged in charitable projects in Ukraine, and the main of them are “Lakibux” and “Biblioteka Maybutnogo”.

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