Ajay Aman Rekhi has etched out brilliance with pristine tunes in the entrancing number ‘Tanhaiyan’


Ajay Aman Rekhi digs deep into the vulnerability of humans with the enthralling track ‘Tanhaiyan’. The immersive vibes in the track create a dream-like aura.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Brampton, Jun 28, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Classing tunes are displayed with grace by the ever so charming singer Ajay Aman Rekhi in the most thoughtful way. His usual flair is visible in the exquisite track Tanhaiyan‘ that narrates the pathos of a journey. He also happens to be an incredible music composer who has written the lyrics of the song. The fascinating music video has class written all over it and the singer happens to be the creative director as well for it. The track speaks of the journey of life and being alone makes things different for that person. To listen to the majestic numbers and watch the splendid music videos, the fans can log on to popular trending platforms like YouTube. The upcoming ventures of the singer include a musical project that has magnificent lyrics by the very famous Gulzar.

In the track ‘Tanhaiyan’ by the astounding musician Ajay Aman Rekhithere are profound poetic ideas that have intensified rhythm. The emotive vibes in the number have got a melancholic weight and create a nostalgic aura. The mood of the song has a dark feeling as there is a loss of color giving rise to melancholic moments. The hook of the song reminds us of the inevitable fact that at some point in time in our life we also have to take on a journey where nobody will be there by our side. The mellow tune speaks of strong resolve and the singer has shown his finesse with an impressive vocal delivery.

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The vocal in the track dished out by the gifted singer gives rise to moments where you are lost in the feelings of your own. Deep thinkers can contemplate and relate to such a unique feeling that has been churned out with an unwavering passion. The subtle intricacies of the track get recognized by innumerable audiences with consummate ease. The modern sounds are used most subtly as there is a switch in the gear in the vocal flow and the singer deserves all the praise for that. The calmness in the track depicts the blanket of the blue sky which is the only witness to the sadness of being alone.

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