Serena – Venus Williams, Andy Roddick, and Jennifer Capriati Trainer Becomes SportsEdTV Senior Contributor

Joy Macci

Joy Macci coaching contributions now FREE to SportsEdTV users

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Miami, Jul 8, 2020 ( –  SportsEdTV viewer/users will soon have FREE access to contributions from champion tennis trainer, as Joy Macci is named a Senior Contributor to the online sports coaching platform.

“The appointment of Joy Macci is a big deal for us,” said Robert Mazzucchelli Founder and Chairman of SportsEdTV, “because when you are known to have trained athletes of the caliber of the Williams sisters, your reputation is golden and we’re proud of the alliance.”

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She is CEO of Joy of Sport which provides JOS tennis coaching, consulting and sports management for country clubs, cities and schools.  She creates game-changing training strategies in multi-media.

“Joy Macci’s public promise to ‘unleash your inner champion’ is a perfect complement to SportsEdTV‘s definition of champion as ‘anyone striving to improve is a winner’,” said Victor Bergonzoli, CEO SportsEdTV.

Serena & Venus Williams, Andy Roddick, and Jennifer Capriati are champions Joy Macci has trained.

“What is game changing about SportsEdTV is we’re now able to pay back to the game that gave us so much by making our knowledge FREELY available to athletes around the world who otherwise we would be unable to reach and influence,” Dr. Macci said.

About SportsEdTV: SportsEdTV exists to help athletes, coaches and parents LEARN, WIN and CELEBRATE. We don’t expect everyone uses our learning tools to become a world champion – that’s not our mission.

We do expect people who use our educational resources to become their own champion, by whatever definition they view success in their chosen sport. For some, success is making the varsity team, for others, it’s becoming country champion, and for others still, it may simply be gaining proficiency at a sport that offers a lifetime of fun and fitness.

To us, no matter your aspirations in sport, if you are striving to improve, you are winning! As a leading sports education media company, we provide FREE video and blog content to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

We also offer a global online community, where athletes, parents and coaches can interact, connect, chat, share content and find new friends. SportsEdTV videos feature coaching from world-class coaches and athletes – many of whom are or have coached world-champions – and have been watched by viewers in every country in the world.

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