The Creative Groove in Artist Intelligent Diva’s Single ‘Sexy Walk’ is a Cultural and Musical Confluence

Singer  Intelligent Diva

The song ‘Sexy Walk’ by artist Intelligent Diva is a creative conundrum of various musical, rhythmic, and lyrical flavors in one eccentric and progressive course.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Jacksonville, Jul 14, 2020 ( – A creative balance extracted from various influences of hip-hop, Latin, pop, and R&B is being beautifully interpreted and presented in the captivating soundscape of artist Intelligent Diva. Her musical encryption is unique and very different from what contemporary scenes have to offer. A mystifying crossover between her creative and personal strength, she came out with the song ‘Sexy Walk‘, a mellifluous take on the limitlessness of music in all its glory. The song is a cultural tribute to the music and its vastness of being as she beautifully arranges the elemental flavors of the song with her own creative values.

Hailing from Florida, this singer and songwriter has carved out a business framework through her musical ventures. Her confidence and resilience to take her career to the epitome of success are unparalleled. ‘Sexy Walk‘ marks an important chapter in her career where a song about a woman’s prowess will prove to be both personal and professional elements in her growth as an artist and as an individual. The song was also featured in the movie Flint Tale directed by Marc Cayce who later offered her a board position as vice president of the record label, Foremost Records. She is also working for her upcoming mixtape under the same label.

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The outlook and vision of Intelligent Diva‘s musical prospects are to uplift women and inspire them to live a life by their own means. Some of her other songs like ‘Boyshorts’, ‘Lo Que Me Gusta’, and ‘Submit to You’ are profound examples of her creative and thematic abilities that turn a variety of influences into one moving course. Her association with her independent label Intelligent Diva Music has also helped her expand her creative canvas. With an upcoming EP called Seduction scheduled to be released on August 17, 2020, her career is at an all-time high. Follow her work of artistic amalgamation of music, themes, and fashion on Spotify and Instagram.

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