The Musical Purview of Contemporary Pop is Presented in Josey Greenwell’s New EP ‘Cowboy’

Josey Greenwell

Music artist Josey Greenwell recently came out with Extended Play ‘Cowboy’ exemplifying the creative structures of modern-day pop essentials like no others.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- New York City, Jul 16, 2020 ( – Musical strains and essence have been beautifully extracted from various influences and inspirations by upcoming artist Josey GreenwellThe limitless proximities of musical reach are being cultivated by him in his latest release, an Extended Play Called ‘Cowboy‘. The EP comprises of 5 essential tracks that beautifully transcends the creative aperture of contemporary pop and gives the audience a taste of innate creative uniqueness. All the songs are displayed in a linear musical format with an intense pop tropical flare in combination with his thematic and lyrical structures all set in sleek and lustrous pop production. The dynamics and modulation are fast and do not leave the gaps for discontinuity. His vocal transcendence blends in with the arrangements seamlessly and the result is a gleaming scope of musical enchantment.

The EP ‘Cowboy‘ is made under the production collaboration of Caney Form Productions under the exclusive license of Breakfast In Bed Media and Sony’s distribution label, The Orchard. The EP is under construction of turning into a full 15 track album which is set to release this October. The feel and vibe of the EP are allowing the audience to taste the creative essence of the upcoming album. With his biggest inspirations coming from musicians and artists who are authentic, he has been able to create a soundscape that does not have any superficial enamel.

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Currently based out of New York City, Josey Greenwell is one of the biggest fitness instructors of the city while retaining his musical visions through songs like ‘Cowboy’, ‘Fire Eyes’, ‘102’, and ‘Wreck’ among many others. His journey and conviction will lead him to achieve the highest feats of global accomplishment. If you are ready to indulge in this dreamy and captivating arena of pop chronicles, follow him on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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