Gene Buck shows that it is his turn to shape the world of hip-hop and proves it all right with his track ‘My Turn’

Gene Buck

Artist Gene Buck shows off his signature vocal tone and style as he dynamically portraits his craft in new track ‘My Turn’ that offers endless hooks to the audience.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Las Vegas, Jul 19, 2020 ( – Introducing a new and polished sound of hip-hop and R&B to the industry, artist Gene Buck has both musically and vocally impressed the audience of the genre. The artist sweeps away the listener’s attention with his magnificent performance and puts his stamp on the industry with his energy and passion that circumferences all his soundtracks. It’s not easy to draw an appropriate mark in the vast music scene but this upcoming artist has engulfed everyone’s senses with his undeniable groove and breathtaking flow. The artist stylistically balances the infectious bounce in his voice with a brilliant instrumental backdrop that gives out an overall anthem-like vibe.

On his latest hip-hop track ‘My Turn, his vocal tone is smooth and engaging, and the rapper rightfully captures the scene with his honest story writing. The well-crafted soundscape hits with immense passion and the rhythmic percussions in his voice appear genuinely attractive throughout. Gene Buck asks his audience to expect the unexpected and this song certainly stands as a testament to his words. Full of unpredictable and interesting flows, the rapper progresses with his unique flow to share his life story and experiences. His words are genuine and the vocal tone keeps things flowing in the right direction. He has carefully chosen the instrumentals that include pumping beats and an alluring bass line to accompany his verbal flow, making the song superbly addictive.

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Coming from Las Vegas, the artist has incorporated everything in ‘My Turn’ that needs to be present in a real hip-hop track and ties it with his creativity to give it the final polish. Making this sort of addictive soundscapes with a charming and satisfying hook will only lead him to become the next big name in the music world. Listen to him on Spotify and follow him on Twitter and Instagram now.

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