Talented Trap artists, Mjgfvme and Dez Monie present a new, bleak and beautiful single ‘Told You (Don’t Wait)’

Mjgfvme x Dez Monie

The new artists, Mjgfvme and Dez Monie have collaborated for a whole new EP and released a new track ‘Told You (Don’t Wait)’ from the EP to present the theme of it.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Fontana, Jul 22, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – 2020 is a crucial year for all the emerging artists, but Mjgfvme and Dez Monie have different plans to beat the uncertainty with their fresh music. They have begun to master the world around them with whizz-bang popularity of the new song Told You (Don’t Wait)‘ off the latest EP World War V. It is a proper love song with Trap and Sad Boy R&B melodies to create a strong impact on the mind of people who find love to be an inescapable tragedy. They both have composed all the songs of the new EP. It is produced by Mary Jane Gang and it is currently streaming rapidly on Spotify.

Mjgfvme and Dez Monie have come forward to make this new EP because it foretells the newness of progressive hip hop culture of this era with winsome R&B vibes. They have sung along with beautiful melodies and put energetic rap verses to make the outcome more intense. The latest release ‘Told You (Don’t Wait)’ is a part of their new Project World War V. it is about breaking promises and shying away from further complications that twine two hearts. With airy melodies and heart-warming lyrics, they have gained a steady fan base who believes in their artistic evolution.

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They are far polished from the other Spotify artists. The single ‘Just Gone’ shows their capability of creating a fusion of art through the chaos and calm side by side. ‘Need a Shorty’ is another groovy track to pamper your loved ones. They are young but they have won the partial challenges to keep a footprint in the industry with eclectic records. Get all the news of the latest project ‘Click 4 Fvme vol.2’ from Facebook and Instagram.

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