The Duo Of Dez Monie X Mjgfvme Portray Their Creative Supremacy Through Their Latest Releases

EP  World War V

Rhythmically immersive and blended with the most satisfying ingredients, the tracks crafted by the duo of Dez Monie X Mjgfvme have stolen the hearts of the audience.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Los Angeles, Jul 27, 2020 ( – Good headphones or speakers are must – for the stunning musical creations of the duo of Dez Monie X Mjgfvme. The escapism offered through their tracks has led to immense success. Their latest EP titled ‘World War V.’ is the true example of the amount artistry that both the artists carry. The introductory track ‘Need a Shorty’ kicks the collection into gear with its classic bars, which are simple and have enough strength to mesmerize the audiences. The skillfully designed structure of the track turned up the heat.

Created with so much care and love, this track fits as just the right introduction to the magnificent musicality to follow. Carrying on with the high standards to rhythmic development and intensity, the track ‘Change Yo Life’ simply sets this collection apart from the contemporary releases. The unexpected twist during the progression of the track has brought down the house. One can easily let his musical senses get drowned within the structure of this track.

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Reverb-kisses, emotive vocal line overpowers the impact of the previous track, reflecting the true essence in a powerfully enchanting way. Meanwhile, the bars keep on growing, hitting the minds with a strong and everlasting impact. The duo of Dez Monie X Mjgfvme has done a great collaborative work here in the entire collection. Be it the opening track or the ending track, each has portrayed their passion for the genre. You can listen to the entire collection by signing up to the platforms of Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Follow them on social media platforms to know more.


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