Alan Tuck and Tim Ransom entices the heart and soul of the audiences with the single ‘Fight for Love’

Fight for Love

Alan Tuck and Tim Ransom have turned up the heat with their brand new single ‘Fight for Love’. The simple yet bewitching presentation of this track is irresistible.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Toronto, Jul 29, 2020 ( – Flawless production and sleek synths fuse under constructive narration to set up an ambiance that is intimate yet elevating through the brand new track, titled Fight for Love‘. A track that sets off as a likable Pop delight soon emerges into a stunning and uplifting piece of sound that is an immediate hit. The hook section of the track is simple yet quite satisfying, covered up by an overall sound design that has crafted with the utmost attention. Both the artists, Alan Tuck and Tim Ransom have left everyone spellbound with this track.

The track changes the path after a minute of play, evolving to become musically greater compared to the opening moments that are intimate and delicate. The chorus section catches the attention of the audience with its anthem-like flow and ascending nature. The tune and the hook section subsequently charge up the ambiance, introducing multiple layers of vibrancy and rhythmical collision. ‘Fight for Love’ is a result of extreme artistry and creatively crafted moments. The soul of the track is pretty familiar yet the envelop feels new and bewitching.

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With musical pieces like ‘I Give You Love’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Tell Me’, ‘You Make Me Crazy’, etc., the duo of Alan Tuck and Tim Ransom has garnered a huge global fan base for their music. The tracks are gems for the fans of the Pop genre, which has kept them entertained throughout. All of these tracks are available on the digital music streaming platform of Spotify. You can know more about the artists by visiting their official website.

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