‘All I Know’ by Jacob Jordan and Baby Russ outshines the Contemporaries with Extraordinary Resonance

Singer  Jacob Jordan

With a humble and versatile approach to hip hop, gifted musicians Jacob Jordan and Baby Russ offer an exquisite melodic therapy through the track ‘All I Know’.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Ottawa, Jul 28, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Emphasizing the lyrical articulacy of the artists, the genre of hip hop has presented itself to be the most unique and creative musical form in the world projecting vibrant versatility. Joining forces two equally talented hip hop musicians Jacob Jordan and Baby Russ have graced the music-lovers all around the globe with their dynamic thematic contrast through their mesmerizing vocal performance. Their joint venture and their finest soundtrack All I Know‘ shines bright with a staggering blend of as pop, rap, and R&B fusion with a sprinkle of punk and grunge.

Armed with their hard-earned musical insights, both the artists showcase their finest rhyming and singing dexterity bringing out the true essence of their brilliant artistry. Deriving inspiration from musicians like Arizona Zervas, Rozei, Black Bear, and Mike Posner, the hip hop duo bravely experiment with various genres in the track to achieve the perfect sound that represents their individual flavors. Jacob’s energetic performance in the composition pierced through the hearts of the listeners presenting his unparalleled rhyming tempo laced with Baby’s addictive and killer hook.

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Hailing from Canada, Jacob Jordan and Baby Russ express their feelings and personal interpretation of life through different obstacles in their recent breathtaking number ‘All I Know’. With dramatic harmonic progression and picturesque lyricism, the song is the embodiment of the spirit of the era. The therapeutic melody incorporated with their ecstatic performance creates a symphony of pure perfection. Make sure to follow Jacob Jordan on Spotify, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and find out about his next projects.

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All I Know : https://open.spotify.com/track/7GwaeouCno5y8SUzXFEhWv

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