Transcend into the Windows of Closure with Weston Brown’s Healing Meditative Soundscape

Weston Brown

Composer Weston Brown is curating a sultry soundscape of musical, creative, and personal sagas told through the virtuous modulations of resonance and harmony.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Tucson, Jul 31, 2020 ( – Upcoming musician and composer Weston Brown has curated a relaxing soundscape of dreams, vulnerabilities, and physiological transcendence through an ambient admixture of different instruments. His piece ‘Coastal Meditation‘ is a meandering course of themes and promises that takes the audience to the virtuous epitome of nirvana. The music is a thematic reflection of nature’s heartfelt embrace that extracts ethnic sounds as its bearer of creative wisdom. Focusing on piano tones, he has allowed the passage of musical bliss to his audiences and given them the optimum experience of their innate senses.

The artist also prescribes the use of strings and other indigenous instruments that contribute to creating the best therapeutic stream of healing, meditating music. His other set, ‘Fireflies‘ also sets the listeners to experience physiological liberation. A student of music from UCLA and the University of Arizona, his exposure and creative canvas expanded over the years and his ever-evolving soundscape is a reflective figurine of his own life course. His knowledge and insight reside far and wide as a culture a diverse scope of genres, styles, and instruments.

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The musical flavoring in Weston Brown‘s soundscape is not restricted to standardizations; rather they branch out to discover the obscure. Listening to his music gives the audience the scope to retrospect and introspect while his tonal variations add a therapeutic stair towards the realizations. The depth and surrounding virtue of his music are pure and precious and have the ability to heal the shackles of emotional darkness. Give yourself the gift of musical and creative bliss by following is work on Facebook and Instagram.

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