La Touraine Watches Collection of Timepieces Weave Stories and Identity in Its Exquisite Designs

La Touraine Watch Company

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- North Carolina, Aug 17, 2020 ( – The exquisite line of La Touraine Watches for men and women is now available online at The brand offers a collection of watches with minimalist style and timeless design.

The La Touraine Watches company expansion has now targeted the global market and expands to one of the largest online retailers, Walmart. Delivering quality, emotions, and stories, each watch is hand-crafted to build the best visual and functional styles. Inspired by the exclusivity of Swiss watch designs, the founder of La Touraine Watches, Dave Moggio, designed and built his own company and established a brand with his heartfelt connections to the company and to his customers.

Founded in 2018, La Touraine Watches has appeared in British GQ and WIRED magazines. As the official watch sponsor of Gem City Tonight, La Touraine Watches has five-star reviews from diverse customers. Their designs are timeless and harbor a story of their own making them stand out as individual pieces of art, crafts, and creative expressions. Their collection of analog watches come in different materials with designs extracted from timeless stories of history. If you are looking for something to enhance your exquisite aura, La Touraine Watches are a great choice. 

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La Touraine Watch Company
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