Aphrodes Reborn Essence Shampoo:Is your scalp anti-aging?

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Seoul, Aug 24, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Aphrodes Reborn Essence Shampoo was born in Korea in 2015, It uses the name of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, to bring elegant hair like a goddess to people.

As early as five years ago, when Aphrodes came out, it took a different way of hair care: anti-aging.

Anti-aging, an old-fashioned concept in skin care, is rarely seen in hair care. Anyone skilled in skin care knows that a major culprit of aging is free radicals.

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A free radical is an atomic group containing an unpaired electron. Free radicals form stable substances by capturing electrons from other cells in human body. The stability of the cells that have been deprived of electrons will also be destroyed, thus mutating or dying. The manifestation of scalp aging is that our common hair is dry, broken, bifurcated and alopecia.

Aphrodes shampoo contains 20 kinds of amino acids, which can resist free radicals, prevent them from seizing scalp cells and ensure the stability of scalp cells, thus delaying or preventing scalp cells from aging, deeply nourishing hair roots and repairing damaged hair. Aphrodes shampoo can also effectively enter scalp pores, remove pollutants and excess oil secretion, thus achieving the effect of oil control. As a result, hair nutrition supply is sufficient and hair is soft.

However, shampoo, such as anti-hair loss, is often questioned whether it will irritate the scalp. aphrodes can guarantee it with its PH value: No! Aphrodes’ PH value is 5.5, which is weakly acidic, while the scalp’s pH value is generally between 4.5 and 5.5, which makes Aphrodes reduce dandruff and hair scale expansion, and clean hair and scalp gently and thoroughly, even pregnant women and children can use it.

Aphrodes shampoo does not contain silicone oil, and the smooth effect of hair after use is the natural state of the scalp after nourishing and repairing. It’s no wonder that it can still have loyal users with little publicity.


About Aphrodes

Together with the well-known pharmaceutical factory()…, Aphrodes was born in Korea in 2015. It is young, energetic, healthy and beautiful. As soon as it came into the market, it quickly opened up its market share, and quickly gained praise from many users for its unique and forward-looking hair care concept and excellent hair care effect.

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