Martin Wardley shines through his latest indie releases on Spotify

Martin Wardley

Get entranced by the mellow yet powerful presentation of the elements of the indie genre, in the latest 3-piece project of Martin Wardley, titled ‘One More Fight’.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Kendal, Aug 25, 2020 ( – Sounding a little like heavy metal music, with perhaps being a little mellow, the latest project of Martin Wardley is a stunning piece of the indie genre. Combining the indie hooks with a musical urgency that flows through the veins of the structure majestically, the artist has presented a fascinating sonic piece that has engaged one and all. Accompanied by a satisfying soundscape and enticing backdrop, the first track ‘One More Fight (Funked Up)‘ has acted as the perfect intro to this project. This has set up the ambiance perfect for the rest of the tracks to follow.

The Strung up version of ‘One More Fight‘ takes the intensity to a new level of awesomeness that is much-needed for keeping the audiences hooked. With each passing moment, the impact of the track gets more powerful, effectively creating a place on the minds of the listeners. Vocally, the track has been pinched with moments of satisfaction and greatness, effortlessly enticing the musical senses and leaving them with a long-lasting impact. 

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The third and final fragment of the project ‘One More Fight‘, which is the Creeped Up version with the same name, fits as the perfect end to the rhythmical magnificence of the entire presentation. Martin Wardley has ensured that the project feels complete with the crisp finish of the last track. You can easily relate to the moments offered through the sound design of the track and get immersed within them. Listen to this by logging in to Spotify. Visit his official website and follow on Facebook and Instagram for more.

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