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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Memphis, Aug 28, 2020 ( – Let’s address this Problem!

The African American dollar is probably the most sought after dollar in the world. So why is it that it only circulates within the African American community for only 6 hours? Devyne Business Consulting is looking to change those statistics by marketing and advertising black-owned businesses in the greater Memphis city area to its very own people within the city limits.

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Devyne Business Consulting is a marketing and advertising company that will assist those African American owned business with increasing their sales by promoting their products and services to African Americans that may not know that they exist. 

Devyne Business Consulting will utilize the revolutionary idea created by Owner/Operator; Latrese Jefferson W.A.K.E. Up Memphis MOBILE APP. 

Wealth, Advancement, Knowledge and Education Up Memphis is a marketing tool designed to bring all the Black-owned businesses together in one centralized place and advertise those businesses to the African American community with hopes of increasing sales, providing the knowledge of those businesses and assisting with the circulation of the African American dollar internally. Add your business today for only $20 through September 30th. 

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