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The PFY Matrix is a portable RGB Video Light which comes in two versions 14Watt and 7Watt. It is highly flexible and versatile and fully controllable via App.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Munich, Aug 30, 2020 ( – The Pilotfly GmbH ( now under the new Trademark PFY”) is worldwide since over 5 years well known for high quality and innovative products for the Photo/Video Industry. – Developed in Germany. We develop gimbals and expand our product range continuously with new accessories for the photo/video area. Due to the very good cost-effectivity of our products we can provide our products not only to professionals and producers but also to Hobby Filmer. Our patented Gimbal Design which provides an unobstructed view to the camera display is worldwide well known followed by our new compact 2.4GHz Wireless Follow Focus System and many other products for Audio/Video which you will find on our website. Our goal is to develop outstanding and innovative products in the Photo/Video area which is affordable for everybody. 

PFY just released a new Portable Video RGB Light which is called Matrix or Matrix mini. 

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Unlike traditional RGB lights, the Matrix RGB light isn’t just a light that relies on Red, Green, and Blue LEDs.
By adding two additional white LEDs — one balanced at tungsten and the other at daylight.
That reproduces color better and more precise than ever before: RGBCW.

The Matrix allows you to be more flexible in your film-making, providing you with multiple lighting modes to suit your needs. In addition to HSI Color Mode, the Matrix allows you to adjust your white light with CCT Mode, or use built-in lighting effects with the Effect Mode. But this is not all, we want you to be as flexible as possible without boundaries. So we added the PFY exclusive FreeStyle Mode where you can adjust any scenario you want. Millions of possibilities are waiting for you! Be creative!

CCT Mode: The MATRIX offers fine CCT control. You can accurately choose any color temperature in the expanded bi-color range between 3200K-6500K, in increments of 100K, allowing you to adapt to any situation.

HSI Mode: MATRIX supports full Hue, Saturation, & Intensity (HSI) color control. With 360° of hue and 100 levels of saturation adjustment, you have the power to conveniently reproduce any color with just a finger tip.

Effect Mode: Toggle between any of the twelve built-in lighting effects presets to help you out in a pinch. Lighting effects include: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Faulty bulb, Lightning, TV, Pulsing, Fire, Party, Cop Car, Firetruck, Ambulance and Rainbow.

FreeStyle Mode: Still not found the right color effect? Then use the Matrix’s unique FreeStyle Mode. Choose between 4 individual channels your Color and the timing, mix them up to your own creation. Millions of possibilities are waiting for you to be explored.

Bluetooth Mesh: The PFY Mesh technology built into the MATRIX, is the backbone of the PFY RGB mobile app control, which is perhaps the most advanced smart light technology yet. The proprietary Mesh system allows each light to communicate with each other and with the mobile app simultaneously. MATRIX supports RX and TX Mode, this enables you to control lights from another Matrix light or through the App all lights.

Free App Control: The idea of our App design was to make it as simple and intuitive as possible. You have all features packed in the App to have full control of your MATRIX Light. The clear structure of the GUI enables you a fast modification which will be transmitted to the MATRIX Light in real-time. Change HSI, CCT or any RGB level and safe it as your own setup. Group Lights and control them in a group or separately. Everything is possible with just a few finger tips. App is available for Android and iOS.

The Matrix mini, which is the little brother of the Matrix, features pretty the same of the above mentioned features. 

The Matrix mini, with just 150g fits easily in the palm of your hand. With a footprint size of a credit card and thickness of only 15mm (0.59inch), the Matrix Mini fits anywhere. The built-in magnets and 1-4-20 screw mount allow you to place and use it in seconds. Use it as an on-camera light, or hide it off-screen for an app-controllable accent or fill light. With its lightweight, slim profile, you can carry several Matrix Lights in your camera bag or pockets, so you’re always ready to go.

Both portable video RGB lights are now available at or

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The Pilotfly GmbH ( now under the new Trademark „PFY“) is worldwide since over 5 years well known for high quality and innovative products for the Photo/Video Industry. – Developed in Germany.
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