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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Los Angeles, Sep 11, 2020 ( – TopGraphs is providing some of the best guidance and data evaluation in the scope of stock markets and investments. Their software is capable of evaluating over 150,000 listed companies from 91 markets and converts the most important data into easy-to-understand infographics so that clients can get an insight into the prospects of the investment. The confluence of technology and finance has led to a defining platform for financial homework for investors.

The software was created by Monaco-based Marcus Kitzmann that allows clients to invest with greater security and save valuable time. TopGraphs converts fundamental data from the last 20 years into easy to understand charts so that you can buy the right stocks at the right time and get more return. It is a web-based, paid service with exceptionally affordable services costs starting as low as $29/month. It is an opportunity especially for starters as initial research will further help them expand their vision with investments and make changes in their strategic corporate planning in later years.

Stock analysis is provided by the TopGraphs software within seconds of browsing through 20 years of institutional forecasts and fundamental data streams. The charts you are presented with on your investing dashboard also contain key company information to assist with your decision. Mr. Kitzmann believes the combination of risk analysis and analysis of undervalued stocks will result in a much higher return on investment. Analysis can be done on any stock, in any sector, anywhere in the world. In the turbulent tech field, TopGraphs showed how Apple was a poorer investment after the recent stock split and has highlighted other overvaluations like Microsoft.

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TopGraphs also gives users a stock screener, a display of stocks listed according to the filter you choose, such as from a certain country, stocks that pay a dividend of 5% or more, those that are at least 20% undervalued, and many other specific settings you can apply. If you are also an investor, with small or large-scale prospects, their insight of the industry and its various elemental factors will be extremely beneficial in decision-making and functional effectiveness. For any further information, refer to the following media contacts.

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