Szigeti Juli has impressed with the electro-swing and jazz tunes in the track ‘Free Your Mind’

Free Your Mind

Szigeti Juli is a prolific singer who has mesmerized the audience with the enthralling number ‘Free Your Mind’. She is from a band producing electro-swing sounds.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Budapest, Sep 12, 2020 ( – A lot of fan frenzy is created as the astounding singer Szigeti Juli unleashed her musicality in full-throttle. She has made the audience crazy with the track Free Your Mind‘ that has an eclectic appeal. She is the owner of an avant-garde production house called ‘Electro Swing Thing Records’. She is part of a four-member band based out of Budapest in Hungary as the other three members are Pávai Apor in drums, Juhász Zoltán in guitar, and Drippey Máté, the saxophonist. To know more about the singer, one can plug into her Facebook profile.

In the number Free Your Mind‘ by the singer Szigeti Juli there is plenty of energy. She won accolades in China and moved to Europe and spent a year in London and brushed her talent like anything during those years. She then founded the band with all the knowledge and experience and belted out some classy stuff in jazz, swing, and EDM genre. The upcoming ventures of the singer can be known by logging on to her Instagram handle.

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The vivacious track by the brilliant singer has got entrancing sounds. She is the founder of the band and also happens to be the lead singer and was instrumental in forming the band one and a half years ago. All the band members are from Jazz Academy and honed their skills to come up with exquisite stuff. To listen to her brilliant tracks, one can log on to popular music streaming apps like Spotify and the music videos can be watched on trending platforms like YouTube. 

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