DJ Dorgan Drops Some Fascinating Pieces Of Music That Have Stunned All


Filled with moments of magnificence, artistic bliss, and an impressive professionalism – the latest tracks of the famous DJ Dorgan are at the epitome of these facts.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Saskatoon, Sep 13, 2020 ( – Long-time musician, producer, and DJ, Dorgan has ventured into contemporary house music with uniquely spacious and intricately structured presentations of his tracks. His latest EP ‘Endless Summer‘ has been designed with a progressive sound design that consistently reflects the musicianship of the creator. The to and fro musicality of the tracks of this EP has made it a collection worth cherishing. In the process of the entire collection, the fragments throw in various flavors, yet successfully maintain the authenticity and organic feel of the genre.

The EP kicks into the style with ‘But First, Patras‘ – this is just the perfect intro track. The melody and enthralling bars of the track have made the premise of this track much greater compared to any other modern releases. The enticing elements of the arrangement of this track get carried forward through the progression of ‘One for Alina‘. Be it the reverb-soaked rhythms or the synth-like riffs – this track has offered all those elements that are needed to make the audiences re-visit a sonic piece.

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Make It Ok‘ shines throughout its three-minute forty-second lifespan, and amidst all this, the audiences are transported from experiencing something great to something extraordinary. The rhythms and vibes of the track ‘Over Complicated‘ are overwhelming and the artist certainly deserves all the recognition and appreciation. Dorgan is already a famous name across the music industry and his tracks speak on behalf of this fact. You can groove to his track by visiting his Spotify profile. Follow him on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his official website.


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But First, Patras:

Over Complicated:

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