Get Ready to Experience the Dynamic Cadence of (Damn) This Desert Air with their Newly Released Compositions

Rock Music Band  Damn This Desert Air

Rising alt-rock band (Damn) This Desert Air presents a unique resonating approach defying the contemporary norms of the genre through their captivating soundscape.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Morris Township, Sep 15, 2020 ( – The divine genre of rock offers so many possibilities giving birth to numerous subgenres that have helped musicians express themself in a creative fashion. Eminent rock band from New Jersey (Damn) This Desert Air has dropped their booming melodic rock EP named Nebulosity featuring the lead single ‘Body Anchor (Back in Atlantis)’, a staggering number ‘Lonely Train’, and many more. The wide range of tone bending audio in the songs introduces the audience with their heavy space riffs with the foundation of post-hardcore. The firm and aggressive vocals injected with a heavy dose of destructive instrumental resonance create an ambiance of breathtaking acoustic pleasure.

Working with the renowned production house Engineer Records, the band has dished out their fourth and also the first release in 7 years after their full-length album Pyramids which was co-released by Engineer Records and Belgium’s Funtime Records, and Spain’s Desert Pearl Union. The EP with mind-blowing instrumentation and hypnotic vocal performance marks their astonishing creativity and boundless imagination achieving a higher form of musical nirvana. The lyrical eloquence mastered through the use of powerful metaphors comes to life through the perfect execution of the clean and gripping singing in the songs imparting vibrant positive vibes around the world.

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All blended together perfectly by engineer/mixer Chris Badami at Portrait Recording Studios, the EP Nebulosity offers diverse melodic textures through its wondrous rhythmic numbers like ‘Body Anchor (Back in Atlantis)’ and ‘Lonely Train’. The songs are pure gold in terms of dynamic guitar riffs surging with layers of saturation around the warm, driving bass, and impactful drums. The brazen singing blended with the enticing backdrop in a perfect harmony creates a scenic canvas to portray their thoughts and emotions. Listen to their EP Nebulosity onthe popular streaming platform Spotify and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know more about their upcoming works.

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Body Anchor (Back in Atlantis) :

Lonely Train :

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