MyHipSmart app Adds Users Personal Shopping List From Their Local Store Flyers

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Los Angeles, Sep 14, 2020 ( – The app is testing a new feature for its users. The user(s) can go online / pre-shop from their local store flyers and increase their weekly potential savings. Using Vendor and/or Retailers coupons and other discounts (ie: Bogos) the savings can increase to the consumer’s savings. The user selects from the apps drop-down list of grocery and pharmacy stores and adds in their zip code. Then the weekly flyer from the selected retailer is available to them to see and save.

Wayne Merry Founder of the app said “Our research showed that on average shoppers shopped only 1-3 stores especially in these times because of not wanting to enter a lot of public areas”. Another liked feature was the users’ recipe box and the personal shopping list that they could add too anytime. From the safety of their home, they can pre-plan pre-shopping using their existing retailers for home delivery or shop in-store.

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The app is available on Apple and Google stores.

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