The celebrated producer and DJ Betty Booom releases the most fascinating version of ‘Bella ciao’

Bella ciao

The talented DJ and producer Betty Booom has set herself apart from the contemporary artists with the release of the electro swing version of the track ‘Bella ciao’.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Cape Town, Sep 28, 2020 ( – The Cape Town-based producer and DJ Betty Booom sways her fans with the electro-swing version of the Italian classic ‘Bella ciao’. The sections of techno in this version of the popular track, have already electrified the aura. There is a vintage style to the overall presentation of this track that speaks hugely on behalf of the famous DJ. The modern club beats change the direction of progression – this is something extremely enchanting and worth playing on a loop. The infectious groove of the original version has been greatly amplified through this new version.

The 26-year-old DJ had already caught the attention of the global audience with the track ‘Balkan Bang’ and its club mix. The deep bassline and vibes of this track have earned her huge fame across the global music industry. And, this new version of Bella ciao‘ simply acts as the cherry on the cake. Be it the entrancing mix of elements or the stunning production, the track has stood tall among many other versions of the same track.

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The ever-growing structure of this track has maintained a certain level of energy that very few artists have been able to offer. The charming presentation of this track ensures that you never get bored – the lyrics are already known to all – the way Betty Booom has capitalized on the available ingredients and provided a completely unique touch to the scene is simply brilliant. You can groove to this track by logging into Spotify and SoundCloud. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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