Listen to a Heartfelt Course of Pop with Upcoming Group JOEE SISTERS and Their Musical Melange

Whop Whop

Pop music group JOEE SISTERS is creating a relatable thematic saga of pop music essentials through a soundscape of melodious and lyrical arrangements.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Brisbane, Sep 29, 2020 ( – Upcoming music group JOEE SISTERS is creating sorcery of pop music courses through their songs to circulate inspiration and kindness. The group of four consists of the creative collaboration of Emi and her three precious daughters Jazzi, Oli, and Evie. Utilizing the components of captivating pop enamels, they are emerging with their journey that is not only engaging but also carries a deep sense of inspiration and personal belongingness. Their song ‘Whop Whop‘ from the album, The New Kids is thematically about finding one’s way through challenging situations with the support of loved ones. The song is an original dance move and motivates the audience to push away all the bad influences and feelings that may stand as a hindrance in their journey to ultimate happiness.

The group’s other song ‘Always‘ from the same album is another peppy number with relatable family content. The sisters, aged 9, 10, and 11 along with their mother are restoring a positive and inspirational vibe across their diverse audience stream consisting of children’s parents, teenagers, and other young people. Their soundscape was unearthed after the family went through the tragic loss of their brother, a victim of depression and suicide.

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Following their ordeal, the JOEE SISTERS are trying to circulate the values of friendship, connections, and confidence with the fun and frolic of their music. Their other songs ‘I Got You’, ‘Imagination’, ‘Good Sport’, and ‘I Believe in Me’ are also beautiful lyrical and thematic sagas. With an upcoming music video featuring rainforest footage, they are achieving the best creative and personal closures. For more updates, follow them on Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and their official website.

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