Stoopid Pikachu bestows high-frequency intensity grooves in his new single ‘Social Anxiety’

Social Anxiety

EDM producer Stoopid Pikachu stands out from the insignificant, outnumbering crowd of musicians with the eclectic deep house beats he produced in ‘Social Anxiety’.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Sunny Isles, Oct 1, 2020 ( – Florida is the US state known for the fresh, balmy winds with peachy fruits but EDM artist Stoopid Pikachu is determined to set fire to the serenity with his energetic and jumping high-octave sounds. He transformed the EDM musicality with the unfamiliar aesthesis that helped him to churn out a brand-new EDM number Social Anxiety. It is crafted with the coolest beats and deep house drops that represent his cutting-edge musicality. It all started from performing at the night clubs and producing more advanced techno music to flatter the generation’s caliber of reaching new heights.

 Stoopid Pikachu releases quality after quality with the engrossing EP Social Anxiety. He sketches three different characters with three devouring tracks with iconic deep house tempo. ‘E Celeb’ is the first track off the new EP that leads the audience to a hyper-sensitive reality. With the crazy drops and funky hooks, it becomes an instant source of sanguinity. He saw the light of the day over a decade ago and his keenness hasn’t been diminished an inch during the abdominal crisis and tough turns in his life. He always found a way to recreate the good vibes with his standard essence of enigmatic deep house numbers.

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He sets his mark in the world with an undiminished glory as Social Anxiety‘ secures thousands of streams on Spotify. It can be considered to be his landmark banger, and that is wielded in the bubble of charismatic synth waves and hard drops. The full bass weight of the kick is mixed with the astonishing grooves to state that the night is still young. Follow him on Spotify and Instagram for all the new updates from the man himself.

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