J. Irja, the Powerhouse of Iconic Hip Hop Beats and Style is back with the Latest EP ‘The Sexy Psycho, Vol. 2’

Hip Hop Singer  J Irja

J. Irja, the self-made authentic hip-hop star takes the bar of hop-hop to another level with her most compelling storytelling in the latest EP ‘The Sexy Psycho, Vol. 2’.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Arlington, Oct 5, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – After a long time in the history of hip-hop, a female singer who has shattered all records and boundaries with her powerful voice and unapologetic attitude to push forward in the game is J. Irja. The versatile personality is the rising dynamite in a frame whose terrific vocals and power-packed soundtracks captivates the audience like no other. Her performance and her rapping, both are outstanding and the rapper shows that she is unarguably one of the most creative and fiery rap stars in today’s scene.

To place her name alongside other big artists, the artist has recently dropped new EP ‘The Sexy Psycho, Vol. 2′, comprising on five banging records. Driven by her honest songwriting that is related to her life experiences, struggles, and hardships, the artist has dropped this sensational EP with songs like ‘Losing My Mind’, ‘Made Me Crazy’, ‘Bags & Bankrolls’ and ‘Work’ that highly accentuates her charismatic style. The intriguing verses combined with the correct punch, and the rapper’s rapid-fire delivery, is highly striking. The singer is an independent power-house whose talent needs no support as she has on her own overcome from injuries; alcoholism, mental health problems, and even abusive managers to become what she is today. By moving through all thick and thin, she has become an inspiration to all the females in the industry trying to pave their paths.

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The songs ‘Losing My Mind’, ‘Made Me Crazy’, ‘Bags & Bankrolls’ and ‘Work’ have been built under the label Sexy Psycho as the artist rightfully captivates thousands of listens with her polished artistry and poetry. J. Irja easily vibes with all for her bold female empowerment sentiments and believes in stating her opinions in an unfiltered way. With some incredible artists like Twista, Gorilla Zoe, Lil Wyte & RITTZ, the latest EP is sure to be an easy hit under her name. Listen to it on Spotify and follow her on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for details.

Listen to these tracks just click the given below links : 

Losing My Mind : https://open.spotify.com/track/62l4CbvJJ1RQLn4oZ8k9QN

Made Me Crazy : https://open.spotify.com/track/5jTAqn5kgGNxW5oPWomR5N

Bags & Bankrolls : https://open.spotify.com/track/5M3uPwuPYK6nEYsBLjurRr

Work : https://open.spotify.com/track/6eL2JL3m4kTjhCaNNWrEnk

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