The Creative Amalgam of Pop and Country Strains in Laura Cavacece’s Soundscape is a Musical Sorcery


Pop music artist Laura Cavacece’s soundscape is presenting an exceptional creative aura of the musical and vocal confluence with an edge of contemporary soulfulness.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Toronto, Oct 8, 2020 ( – The creative legacy of pop and country music has found a new confluence with artist Laura Cavacece. This upcoming recording artist, songwriter, actress, producer, and performer is rapidly creating ripples of cultural and musical influences with her array of songs. Her newly released single, ‘Limbo’ from her EP by the same name is a beautiful arrangement of thematic and musical aesthetics. A captivating ballad that is composed of the various elements of pop and country progressions, she emerges as a musical angel with her powerhouse vocals and dynamic resonance.

The artist has been associated with music since a very young age that developed over the years into vocal sorcery of sorts. The other song ‘Best in Us‘ from the same EP further defines her creative ability to create a bigger scope of musical proportions. Her artistic sense has been identified and acknowledged by many as she contributed her work alongside artists like BareNaked Ladies, Jeff Healey, Bryan Adams, and more. Hailing from Toronto, she has been attributed as one of the most prominent artists to have emerged from Canada with a strong audience base across the American music industry, especially, Nashville, Tennessee.

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Artist Laura Cavacece‘s confluence of pop and country paves the way for a soulful rendition of thematic and lyrical purposes. The song ‘I’m All Out‘ from the same EP is yet another peek into her creative greatness. Her other songs ‘Off the Road’, ‘Pretty Fences’, ‘Maybe’, and ‘Side Effects’ all depict her passion and conviction. Know more about this endless stream of musical and creative crossover by following her on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation, and her official website.

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