To Accommodate Growth, Compactor Storage Launches New Website

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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Barcelona, Oct 9, 2020 ( – Compactor, Europe’s most widely known home storage company, has launched a new website to better serve the storage needs of its customers.

Founded in 1983, Giulio Epicureo gained inspiration for his family-owned business after discovering vacuum sealed food storage bags while travelling through Japan. Recognising the need for more efficient storage in many homes throughout Europe, he applied the vacuum principle to storing clothes and duvets and, as a result, Compactor was born. Since then, Mr. Epicureo’s vision of innovative vacuum storage bags and boxes has expanded and transformed the world of home storage. What started as one man’s small business venture has blossomed into a multi-national enterprise covering everywhere from the USA to Hong Kong. Keeping their finger on the pulse, they now have headquarters in seven different countries that retail their products.

To keep up with the rapidly expanding international presence, Compactor has re-designed its website to accommodate the needs of their customers. During the trying global pandemic, the team at Compactor continued to re-think home storage by expanding the product offerings even further, and the results are evident. Over lockdown, the former site experienced a threefold increase in web traffic, proving the value that Compactor’s products have to offer. To deliver that value more efficiently, Compactor developed a new website in 9 months. The company is now able to deliver any European city in 24 to 72 hours with UPS,  one of the world’s leading carriers, offering shipping fees for a minimum of 30 euros spent. The website has been engineered to reach 99.5% of organic search engine performance, but most importantly, the technology and the model on which it’s based will allow the company to scale up and expand globally through its own websites or through any market place very rapidly.

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Two new additions to the Compactor product family are Hybrid Luggage; the first space-saving suitcase and Ordena Walltrend modular furniture. Designed for the traveller seeking to optimise the space in their suitcase, Hybrid luggage doubles as both a suitcase and a vacuum-sealed storage container. One half of the suitcase features a built-in vacuum storage bag for bulky clothes and the other half is an open space for shoes, washbags and other accessories. For customers who struggle with storage space in their home, Walltrend modular furniture is the perfect solution. The range includes sleek, wall-mounted shelving and wardrobes to make the most of limited spaces without sacrificing in style.

Compactor’s motto is “Love your space” and they have applied that philosophy not only to the design of their products but to their modern and fresh digital space. The compactor has proven before that where other businesses may fail, their products and services rise to the challenge. The launch of their new website will continue this success.

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