TD Hatfield has churned out an eclectic appeal with a beautiful melody in the Americana number ‘Happiness’


TD Hatfield has mesmerized the audience with refreshing tunes of Americana in the track ‘Happiness’. He has laid out the immaculate track with incredible finesse.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Germantown, Oct 13, 2020 ( – There is calming energy in the number by the musician par excellence TD Hatfield and has a hypnotic aura. There is an addictive dash in the track ‘Happiness’ and a soothing melody with a fantastic hook. There are various layers of passion and color woven in the track by the singer from Maryland. He is a tremendous songwriter and is also known for his dexterity as a recording engineer. The vocal flow in the track switches its gear and transcends the listeners to a realm of satisfying melody. The fans can know more about the singer and can log on to his Facebook profile and fetch relevant information through his shared updates.

The stupendous singer TD Hatfield has created a lot of fan frenzy with the magnificent track Happiness‘. The mild tunes of retro with an emphatic bass have soared up the summer heat. There are gorgeous moments of bliss in the very engaging track. There are passionate moments in the track that is uplifting with plenty of energy in its sassy groove. By logging on to the Instagram handle of the singer, the audiences can fetch enough information about his queued up ventures

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In the mesmerizing number by the brilliant singer, there is a classic fusion and strong melodies that has created ripples. The different layers in the vocals have brightened the soundscape. There are cool vibes in the number that comes with a consistent rhythm and likable moments. The cracking number by the singer can be heard by fans by plugging into music streaming apps like Spotify.

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