The Strains of Contemporary Hip Hop and Rap are Presented in an Eccentric Course by Yung Dub D

I Agree

Hip-hop artist Yung Dub D’s soundscape is a dynamic confluence of musical and creative elements presenting their course through a captivating lyrical stream.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Newport News, Oct 15, 2020 ( – The musical elements of contemporary hip hop and rap are being blended to form the best variation of creative expressions. Upcoming artist Yung Dub D‘s soundscape represents modern-day diversity that is unique and relatable. His single, ‘I Agree‘ is a beautiful interpretation of his artistic aura and is expressed through the verses of his dynamic lyrics. His music is very personal in its thematic resemblance through which he tries to find closure in his own life. The song is creative imagery of his own life and experiences that gives it a personal edge that the audience can relate to.

KedricBattee was born in Dallas and is currently based out of Newport News, Virginia. His musical breakthrough came in 2018 and there has been no looking back as he continued to work with various artists over the years. His other songs, ‘Sexy Assassin‘ and ‘In My Head‘ are all describe his arc as a musician. Some of his other songs like ‘Core’, ‘I Did’, ‘Put It All on Me’, and ‘Sail Out to Sea’ are all personal depictions following a course of thematic structure.

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Artist Yung Dub D is currently working individually and working on his upcoming album, ‘Love 2’. His music tells many stories of reality that seldom loses focus in the extravaganza of creative glamor. This artist remains motivated and driven through his soundscape which is set to attain the highest accomplishments in the days to come. Follow his work on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be a part of this incredible journey of neo-age hip hop and rap.

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