101 Blockchains Reports CEBP as the Most-demanded Blockchain Certification of 2020

CEBP Certification

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Ramat Hasharon, Oct 16, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – 101 Blockchains has recently reported its CEBP certification as the most-demanded blockchain certification of 2020. As an independent research-based platform for enterprise blockchain professionals, 101 Blockchains offers Blockchain certifications and training courses. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Certification, CEBP, has been marked as one of the top blockchain certifications offered by 101 Blockchains. This certification is suitable for senior decision-makers, innovation managers, advisors, senior leadership, business analysts, and product managers in blockchain. 

The founder of 101 Blockchains, Aviv Lichtigstein, stated, “It gives us great pleasure to announce that CEBP is the most-demanded blockchain certification in 2020 among all the available blockchain certifications at 101 Blockchains. We introduced CEBP (Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional) certification last year. Our primary aim was to drive better opportunities for the aspiring professionals in their blockchain career.”

He also added, “We have been introducing improvements in the CEBP certification continuously over the course of the last year. The valuable feedback of our customers has helped us refine the quality of our CEBP certification training.”

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About 101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains is the world’s leading online independent research-based network for Enterprise Blockchain Practitioners. It provides different training courses and certifications, including the CEBP certification and training course. Apart from their most-demanded blockchain certification, i.e., CEBP, 101 Blockchains provides free Blockchain Fundamentals training course and Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification and training course.

According to 101 Blockchains’ report on most-demanded blockchain of 2020, CEBP certification has recorded the maximum number of enrolments. As the most enrolled certification program of 101 Blockchains, the CEBP certification is the most-demanded blockchain certification of this year.

Factors Favoring the CEBP Certification

The possible reasons underlying the demand for the CEBP certification revolves around the growing popularity of Blockchain.

The recent LinkedIn Annual Skills Survey Report revealed blockchain as one of the most-demanded tech skills of 2020.

According to the 2019 Blockchain Survey of Deloitte, over 50% of organizations all over the world perceive blockchain as a strategic priority. The same survey report also indicated that 77% of executives perceived loss of competitive advantage in event of failure to adopt blockchain. In addition, the worldwide blockchain market is expected to reach a total value of around $20 billion by the year 2024.

What does CEBP Certification Help to Achieve?

The CEBP or Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification of 101 Blockchains focuses on three objectives. The first objective emphasizes core concepts in blockchain technology and the wider ecosystem. The second objective of the certification focuses on approaches for blockchain implementation. The final objective of the top blockchain certification of 101 Blockchains focuses on blockchain transformation with efficient tools.

101 Blockchains provides a certification training program, downloadable learning resources, and interactive exercises for hands-on experience with the CEBP certification.  

According to the official certification page of CEBP, the certification aims at strengthening expertise in technical knowledge of blockchain. In addition, the certification also intends to prepare candidates for real-world enterprise use cases. The CEBP certification also provides training for corporate blockchain implementation.

The features and objectives of the CEBP certification establish a strong claim for its recognition as the most-demanded blockchain certification of 101 Blockchains. 101 Blockchains offers an official completion certificate to the candidates who achieve Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional i.e. CEBP credential, with LinkedIn accreditation and a printable diploma. 101 Blockchains also provides personal guidance and exclusive bonus materials with CEBP certification training.

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