Meditative music is redefined with Egil Fylling’s ‘Adadgio’ and ‘Kundalini Ostinatum’

Kundalini Ostinatum

Gain spirituality with the pristine sounds of Egil Fylling with his latest enticing tracks ‘Adadgio’ and ‘Kundalini Ostinatum’ to help the listeners meditate.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Moere og Romsdal, Oct 23, 2020 ( – Music therapy is one of the major aspects of the modern world and the musicians put a huge effort to create such intriguing meditative music. Egil Fylling is one of the greatest examples of that. In his latest album “Melting Landscapes” the songs like ‘Adadgio’ and ‘Kundalini Ostinatum’ creates an immersive soundscape that deeply influences the listeners. His soul-soothing compositions with tranquil rhythm and music create a virtual reality where listeners find themselves in a deep void. The relaxing ambient is perfect for stress-busting and channelizing positive energy. The tracks are thought-provoking with progressive harmony and hypnotic instrumental improvisations.

The tracks ‘Adadgioand ‘Kundalini Ostinatum were released under the production house of MD&A Egil Fylling. These everlasting tracks create a long-lasting impact on the listeners that help them to meditate, chant of self-healing which works as the therapy itself. As the sound effects never fade out the progressive disclosure of the tracks grows back in mind in an addictive way. The influence of nature can be noticed vividly in Egil Fylling’s creations as he merges the sounds of nature with digital music. The ambient and meditative music along with magnetic compositions and instrumental chords act as a treat to ears and mind as well.

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With soft vocals and mind-tingling melodies that vibrates through the ear helps to evoke positivity into the listeners. The use of sitar Strings, digital music, and entrancing chords goes perfectly with the mood. Follow this artist over Facebook and Instagram to get updates on his upcoming music.

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