Groove with the Beats of Percussion as M.M.Y.P. has released his Latest Single ‘Big Money’

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Talented Indiana artist M.M.Y.P. is asking his listeners to live their life free and dream again through his refreshing single ‘Big Money’ which is released recently.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Yazoo City, Nov 4, 2020 ( – Another musical sensation has emerged in the music industry named M.M.Y.P. who has just dropped his latest single Big Money. The song is a perfect blend of Pop, Rap and R&B with its hooky music composition. The song starts with the acoustic beats of percussion which continues throughout the whole song. The soft tempo is balanced with the guitar improvisation making it sound unique. Regardless of the music, the vocal skill of the artist is quite noticeable in the song with his half-sung half rap delivery and change of pace. His sweet vocal tone sinks in perfectly and provides an eclectic representation. With a 5 note guitar lead and engaging baseline, the artist has proved that in order to be a good song it does not need a complex musical arrangement.

This uber-talented music artist has absorbed the everyday lifestyle and humble street culture of Indiana which he depicts in the song ‘Big Money’. This song was released under the production house of MMYP MUSIC. The song is about living your life carefree and dreaming again which feels quite refreshing in this era of, chaos and confusion. M.M.Y.P. stands for Manifest, Meeting Your Purpose which is quite metaphoric just like his songs. His 10-year-old son ‘Lil Money’ is already assisting him with his amazing skills on the strings.

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Currently, this artist is working on a new genre which he calls “Psexadelitonic”, a unique situation in a common environment. Follow this artist over TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Spotify to get more updates on his upcoming music and experimental projects.

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