Tokyo Escobar greatly contributes to the life of many struggling with pain with his inspiring song ‘Chasin the Dragon’

Chasin the Dragon

Tokyo Escobar firmly holds the attention of all for his honest storytelling and fresh voice as he intends to connect with his fans through a catchy single ‘Chasin the Dragon’.

Raleigh, Nov 11, 2020 ( – Fresh in the hip-hop scene, an artist who is bringing the raw essence of rap back into the stage with more power and boldness is realistic rap artist Tokyo Escobar. The lyrical density and the clarity in his records speak volumes of the rapper’s dedication and skill-set as a polished artist. In many ways, his performance feels freestyle but is greatly shaped by keeping in mind the taste of the global audience. His storytelling, word selection, and the punch with which he keeps all those threads intact show off his gritty musicianship.

 ‘Chasin the Dragon is the latest track released by this phenomenal rapper who has included his diverse way of rapping skill and several intriguing rap notes to deliver two finely polished creations. The production is stylish and the artist delivers an impressive, sync-in beat flow to become an instant favorite. The track speaks about self-reflection as the artist strives to install hope in others life by being his honest self. The song is genuinely connecting and has been stitched with a conscious writing style. It depicts a situation where the artist seems to be struggling with his demons to become a better version of himself. Being a sufferer of mental illness, music has been a driving factor in the artist’s life and the art of music creation set him free.

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Built under the label Underground paradise records, the track, ‘Chasin the Dragon’ highlights Tokyo Escobar‘s creative energy which the artist has successfully implanted in the song, to resonate with the audience. Listen to the track on Spotify and follow him on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

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Tokyo Escobar

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