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Concussion: Traumatic Brain Injury from Head to Tail- new book

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Miami, Nov 15, 2020 ( – Distinguished Miami Neurologist, a Pioneer in Neurological Science

Over the past 30 years, Kester J. Nedd, DO, a Board-Certified Neurologist in Miami, Florida, has produced thousands of positive outcomes for patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Today, Dr. Nedd’s pioneering career has brought him to the forefront of cutting-edge diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation not previously available.

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Born in Grenada, Nedd relocated to the United States where he completed his medical training at the Kansas City University (KCU). He received his Neurology and Neurological Rehabilitation training at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.


Kester J. Nedd serves as Managing Partner at Design Neuroscience Center (DNC) in Miami, Florida, where he heads a team of 12 physicians. DNC offers a comprehensive approach to the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients with various neurological conditions. DNC combines a traditional disease model with a holistic wellness approach for prevention and early detection of neurological diseases and disorders.


Nedd’s seminal contribution to neurological science is his development of the Brain Hierarchical Evaluation and Treatment (BHET) methodology, a multi-dimensional, rather than linear approach to the evaluation and treatment of patients with TBI and other neurological disorders. This methodology also encompasses a holistic management of acute and chronic neurological cases that more effectively calm patient anxieties while providing state-of-the-art treatments.


Through Nedd’s understanding of neurological science and all its forms and complexities, he is able to treat patients suffering from head injuries and answer critical questions regarding proper evaluation and treatment, durations of comas, memory management, and the anxieties connected with resuming normal life following rehabilitation.


In his book, Concussion: Traumatic Brain Injury from Head to Tail, Nedd draws on over three decades of research and experience. He discusses the prevalence of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and how he is able to manage the most complex neurological cases and find the root cause of the issue for more effective and successful treatment and rehabilitation.


About Design Neuroscience Center in Miami, Florida

Design Neuroscience Center (DNC) has been serving the community since 2006. The interdisciplinary medical team includes competent, well trained board-certified neurologists with subspecialty training in Neurological Rehabilitation and over 100 years of cumulative experience in the field. Design Neuroscience Center, LLC is an out-patient neuroscience center that offers a comprehensive approach to the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with various neurological conditions.  and Dr. Nedd’s personal website

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