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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- San Francisco, Nov 20, 2020 ( – Publish or Perish is the situation for researchers across the world. Taking this as an opportunity there are several journals springing up day by day. Most such journals are paid and want to make a business out of it. There are also many open access journals that make the authors pay for publishing and those who don’t ask for authors to pay all are in the race to publish. Just because they want to be in the race, they offer faster publications and peer review standards are bleak to null. In the case of faster publication of scientific articles, there is a huge list of predatory journals. In order to understand the genuinity of the publication and also the article, there was a need to put a unique identification for the scientific article. By giving a unique identification number to scientific articles the standard of both the article and the journals are accepted worldwide.

A unique alphanumerical identifier applied to a particular piece of material over the internet, significantly one given in a web environment – be that object a book, a scientific paper, a song, an image, or one thing else. In contrast to a traditional net address, or URL, a distinctive symbol specifies not the placement of a web object, however, rather it’s content; an identifier is, therefore, a persistent symbol, and remains related to the item regardless of changes within the object’s internet address.

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Electronic Object Identifications (EOI) are one of the unique alphanumerical identification systems to have a permanent and unique address for the electronic documents and objects on the internet. Scientific documents happen to have too many similar or same titles and the URLs for the same articles are not always maintained to the mark.

To get a digital object identifier for a journal or a scientific article the publishers are required to subscribe to the membership and also pay for each identification number generated. But when in the case of (EOI) Electronic Object Identification which is invented by the CiteFactor platform does not charge a dime to the member publishers for individual EOI for papers. The EOIs are assigned for free for all the articles published by the member publishers. To Resolve an existing identifier needs a resolver platform, but resolving an EOI needs no external platform. EOIs can be resolved to find an article over your favorite search engine Google. The Citefactor provides a genuine and reviewed list of journals and the EOIs given to those journals are also reviewed for not being predatory journals and the identification numbers are also given to the internationally acceptable standards.

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