New Book Narrates a Relatable Journey to Self-Awareness Through Poetry


Shannon Callahan announces the release of ‘Sleep and Tears Drip Fiction’

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Los Angeles, Dec 2, 2020 ( – Debuting author Shannon Callahan enters the literary scene with “Sleep and Tears Drip Fiction” (published by Planet Mischief), a poetic narrative that takes readers on a journey of self-exploration through a kaleidoscopic lens.


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In a collection of poems, “Sleep and Tears Drip Fiction” allows readers to follow a journey of self-discovery, one that portrays an emotional eclipse. The book is personally designed — combining poems, texts, art and passages — to provide a continuous storyline that would be more memorable and have more impact to readers. It deals with themes of love, hope, and reality through obscuration.


“I just want readers to think and feel — lightly and darkly. Whether those feelings seem familiar or they touch on something causing the reader to delve further into their soul, I want the reader to transcend to this other dimension with me, and then realize it’s all right here.” the author and poet concludes.


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Sleep and Tears Drip Fiction

By Shannon Callahan

E-Book | 37 pages | ASIN : B08P176XBM

Available on Amazon 


About the Author

Shannon Callahan has been a writer since childhood. Her poetry has developed over the years into songwriting, as forming stories is a huge way that she channels creative energy, as well as creating visual art and writing and performing music. She still, however, enjoys the abstract and momentary synapses that writing poetry seems to excite.  


Shannon was once a part of the Journalism department at her college but decided to switch focuses and earned a B.S. in Psychology instead, graduating magna cum laude. It comes as no surprise that essay writing was something she was very passionate about in addition to studying the mind. Even though her essays were science based and not poetic, she still maintained a strong and fluid voice within her writing. She has also written a music blog at, an endeavor that is meant to aid in the movement for musicians to break out of their “hobby” mentality and create passionate music with intensity and professionalism, making a livelihood out of one’s art! 


This book, Sleep and Tears Drip Fiction, was years in the making. Although she has bountiful volumes of written and visual work, these poems and artwork create a clear path to her mind, body and soul. The release of this book was also inspired by a concept album called Inis Nex that she wrote with her band Blood Sells, where she devised a detailed horror/sci-fi story told through progressive metal music.


You can usually find Shannon in the music studio creating music for Planet Mischief, the music production company she co-owns with Jaime Morales. Yet nevertheless, at any particular moment, she stops everything to write poetry or song lyrics that hit her like strikes of lightning. 

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