Leicester mum of two, a carer, launches new range of vegan cakes and bakes

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Vegan Christmas dinner in a pie to take the region by storm this festive season

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Leicester, Dec 3, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – A Leicestershire mum of two is cooking up a storm with an exciting new range of homemade vegan food, including an innovative take on the Cornish pasty, letterbox chocolate cake and Christmas dinner in a pie.

The new signature collection from Malaysian-born Loretta Lee of Nyonya Recipe is an exciting east meets west fusion, putting an Asian/Oriental twist on some traditional British recipes – and it’s all plant-based.

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Barwell-based Loretta, who’s been sharing her love of cooking and recipes from her childhood with the community for the past seven years, has been developing and perfecting the vegan range for 18 months.

After hundreds of hours refining recipes, testing the products at food fairs, farmers markets, vegan markets, retailers, and through online sales, it has now been launched via the brand new Nyonya Recipe Shop UK.

Loretta said: “Before I created Nyonya Recipe, I was a mother of two girls, twins, trying to find my way in a new country. I was busy with household jobs, taking care of the girls and learning a new culture.

“Then one of my daughters was diagnosed with a learning disability and this changed our lives. I had to deal with the school, special education and social services and it was all new to me.

“I love to cook and other than doing a part-time solo-preneur work (dropping catalogs) to distract myself from the daily stress, I decided to start a food blog and share my family recipes with friends and this really kept me sane.

“Being of Asian/Oriental heritage, I decided to create the most unique food using both Asian and British flavors. I started experimenting with a few of my regular Malaysian bakes, making it fusion food.

“It’s all about capturing the tastes of my childhood but with a more modern twist. Food has to evolve.”

The feedback for Nyonya Recipes has been great and Loretta has been providing meals for people to collect during the lockdown.

She’s also spent some of that time developing the vegan range for the market.

“Why vegan?” Loretta said. “I used to take food to my Buddhist meetings and the feedback was that it’s tasty. But I noticed that some of the members are vegetarians or vegans, and they couldn’t enjoy the food. I also found that in other groups, too. Me being me, I like to be as inclusive as I can. So, the vegan range was founded.

“As well as trying to be inclusive, I also feel that the way we are consuming natural resources is not sustainable. I am concerned about the number of animals that are used for food. I am also concerned about the amount of waste that we humans produce.

“So I am doing my small part by consuming less; reusing and recycling where possible, and eating plant-based food as much as I can. The products come in biodegradable packaging too.”

The signature collection is the best of the best, made up of all the most popular vegan treats, and there are some real classics among them.

Recipes include the somewhat controversial ‘Chigan Leek and Potato Pasty’ – Loretta’s own Oriental vegan twist on the popular Cornish pasty.

This plant-based pasty tastes as good as its real chicken predecessor. The pastry is handmade, light and crunchy. The taste is familiar but with a new sensation; an Oriental spice giving it a unique and memorable twist.

Festive pie is a Christmas dinner in a pie, a concept dreamed up by one of Loretta’s daughters. This light shortcrust pastry is filled with layers of mash, mushroom, butternut squash, onion, chestnut, cranberry sauce, and festive herbs and spices.

The signature collection also includes a number of cakes and treats which can be delivered through the letterbox or ordered as cake mix.

The range also includes a British make-over on some Chinese traditional recipes in a meeting of cultures, such as the Dragon Ball Pasty and the Cool Coconut Pasty.

“We are thrilled that everyone who purchases our bakes and cakes knows they are getting a unique, tasty, one-of-a-kind handmade vegan treat, worthy of a person who cares about themselves and the environment and enjoying food at the same time,” Loretta said.

“I’m really looking forward to sharing these new recipes with people.”

Find out more by visiting https://nyonyarecipeshop.co.uk/.


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